Sperlari Mostarda Whole 380gm
Sperlari Mostarda Whole 380gm
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Whole mixed mustard fruits or Mostarda. This unique Italian condiment from Cremona is prepared with whole crystallised fruits  preserved in a clear syrup and flavoured with mustard seed oil. 

The sweet yet 'piccante' mustard taste is perfect with salami, roast pork meat, hams, hard cheese like Parmesan, pecorino or cheddar, as well as goat's cheese or ricotta. Mostarda are mostly famously an essential accompaniment for the Italian boiled meat dish Bollito Misto as well as the Modenese dishes Cotechino and Zampone.

Also known as mostarda di frutta, mostarda di voghera, mostarda di Cremona, or mostarda cremonese.

Sperlari have been making mostarda in the Italian town of Cremona since 1836.


Unit Size: 380gm

Case Size: 15

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