Sovrano Gelatine Sheet Gold 20gm
Sovrano Gelatine Sheet Gold 20gm

Elegant, thin leaf gelatine, which is a product of Germany.

Gelatine is a colourless, tasteless and odourless ingredient.

Gelatine sheets for jellies, creams, pudding, aspik etc.

Store in a well-sealed container to prevent absorption of odours and store in a dry space.  


Unit Size: 20gm (8 - 9 sheets per packet) 

Case Size: 12


Direction for use:

1. Soak necessary number of sheets in cold water for 5 minutes and take them out.

2. Dissolve soaked sheets with stirring in the hot mixture.


Dissolve soaked sheets in a little tepid water then stir dissolved gelatine (room temperature) into cold dish. Never heat the gelatine to boiling point.

3. Cool finished dish in a refrigerator.


• For jellies per 1/2L liquid, use 6 leaves.
• For creamy dishes (using egg yoke) use 4 leaves.
• For creamy dishes that are turned out, use 8 leaves
  Soak the elaf gelatine in cold water for around three 
  minutes and let it swell for a few minutes. Then remove 
  the swollen leaf gelatine from the water and carefully 
  squeeze it out.
• Never add gelatine to boiling liquid because it loses its jelly    strength.
• Jellies should never be frozen. After defrosting they lose their   smooth consitency and become brittle.