Lazzaroni Chef d'Italia Amaretti 200gm
Lazzaroni Chef d'Italia Amaretti 200gm
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The world renown Lazzaroni crunchy Amaretti biscuit.

Beauty in its simplicity.


Unit Size: 200gm cello tray

Case Size: 12

Amaretti cookies and Amaretto liqueur are both well known in Italy, and have been gaining popularity worldwide. The word ‘amaretto’ comes from the Italian ‘amaro’ (bitter) in reference to the sharp flavor of bitter almonds. Despite the name, both products are predominantly sweet, and their bitterness only enhances the flavor depth. Amaretti cookies are a treat to eat on their own, or they are used as an ingredient in desserts and even in some savory dishes. 

The best example of the use of cooked bitter almonds and/or apricot kernels is in the almond macaroons known as amaretti, of which they constitute 10-20% in weight. The earliest written recipes for amaretti (as early as 1725) describe them as crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and made with egg whites, sugar, sweet and bitter almonds. Nowadays, different kinds of amaretti exist – some that follow similar recipes, and some that also contain flour (wheat, rice, corn, or potato) for added body. Texture-wise, amaretti range from soft and mildly chewy to light and crunchy. Amaretti vary substantially throughout the Italian territory.