Fantini Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Farming 500ml
Fantini Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Farming 500ml
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This Extra Virgin Olive OIl is produced from the first cold-presseing and is exceptional quality from organic farming, and form a particularly favorable climate and growing conditions for olive trees which are grown 400-500 meters above sea level. The cultivation of olives and production of oil is not used any chemical additives and is installed very strict quality control system. The oil is pressed from Gentile di Chieti (60%) and Intosso (40%) of olive types compliance with the old traditions, thereby producing an intense and pleasant aroma of fresh olives. Best suited for salads, marinades and seasoning dishes. Green in colour with yellow reflections. A clear and strong fragrant character, typical of fresh olives.


Composition: 60 % Gentile di Chieti and 40% Intosso olives

Unit Size: 500ml

Case Size: 6