Italian production offers an extremely vast range of excellent and exquisite wines with an infinite number of variations in terms of taste, colour, scent, and flavour, which in addition to matching the numerous preparations of the regional cuisines in highly satisfactory fashion can complement the dishes of other areas and countries.

In tasting a wine, it is essential, first of all, to observe its clearness and its colour, then to smell its scent and finally to taste it.

The temperature at which a wine should be served is directly linked to its colour, age, alcohol level and bouquet.

White wines should be served cold, the exact degree depending upon the characteristics of the beverage. The more pronounced those characteristics are, the lower the temperature should be.

Red wines should be served at room temperature or even slightly warmer for those that have fuller bodies and have been aged longer. Different from whites wines, they should be uncorked sometime before serving, with the period extending up to as much as eight hours.

Roses should not be served at temperatures as low as those suitable for whites. Nor should they be served at temperatures as high as those of red wines. The correct range is between 11 and 15 degrees C (51-59°F)

Ornella Bellia Refosco IGT Veneto 750ml

Ornella Bellia Refosco IGT Veneto 750ml

Intense aromas, typically wild scent, well-balanced with hin...